Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's been a while...

I stopped updating this because I figure nobody really reads it. Just for the sake of tracking stuff, in the past 3 months I have...

  • Done a bunch of level design stuff on paper.
  • Made an effort to solidify the core game design and story.
  • Changed the way just about everything in the game works.
    • Move speed.
    • Jump height.
    • Camera zoom.
    • Size of character.
    • There is now momentum behind everything (rather than the character just stopping and starting on a dime).
    • Complete overhaul on how repelling/bouncing works.
    • Complete overhaul on how sticking works (still in progress)
  • Applied to become a corporation so I can apply for a grant from the Canada Media Fund.
  • Played around on my guitar and acted like I was composing music.
The overhauls to repelling and sticking were for a few reasons:
  • Objects in the game are now 1 single collision volume instead of 7 volumes/triggers (had top/bottom/left/right repel triggers, 1 main collision volume, 1 stick trigger, 1 smaller collision volume "core" inside the stick trigger).
  • Looking ahead, they make it easier to throw different animations into the mix.
  • I didn't like the way either of the old mechanics felt... they were functional but they didn't feel quite right.
  • Repelling specifically now multiplies the character's speed, which means getting a running start or jumping from a great height actually makes a difference. I always wanted to do this, but a few months ago I simply didn't know how.