Thursday, December 27, 2012


It feels like more and more of what I had been doing using the Torque editor is now being handled by script. This seems to come from me just doing things however I can, then figuring out a better way later. Sometimes due to preference, sometimes due to necessity. There are blocks in Hue that change their appearance when you change colour, and up until now they had been considered "objects" in the game. I put them into place, they had a class, and some scripting changed which sprite was displayed. Now they are tiles, with coordinates set in script, and a sprite set in script. This is a bit of work setting them up for each room, but it's really not much worse than placing hundreds of these things carefully and hoping the editor doesn't crash.

"Hundreds of these things" became the problem. In room 2, there is a HUGE performance hit. This is due to having way more of these blocks than room 1 ever had. Using tiles instead should fix this, but I actually haven't gotten far enough to say for certain yet.

It feels good to learn a more efficient way to do things. I have replaced almost everything in the game at least once now, which is funny to think about. I don't really have much to show for the year I've spent on this game, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and have a strong foundation to work off of now.

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