Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roughing in animations...

I'm hoping to get rough versions of all the player-character animations in the game very soon, or at least made and ready to drop into the game. I've decided it's counter-productive for me to focus too much time on animation, so as long as I get a decent look/feel I can touch up details later. Here are some of the images I have so far.

Again, these are rough animations/sprites. I'm a fan of the proportions and overall look, but they definitely need some touching up eventually. May go with the whole thick lines thing though... gives the game kind of a cool feel. To be determined.

I've also decided to add a run button, because I want players to be able to slow down and have minute control, but to also be able to speed up if they need momentum for a jump or if they GOTTA GO FAST. Should be easy to implement, hoping to have that in this week.

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